Trying to say hello to y’all but the twins have a different idea..

I’ve been interrupted 6 times since I started to introduce myself but I’m gonna give it another shot. Hi, My name is Ruth Hametz. I have a wonderful husband, six sweet children and a dog named Prince. We live in the beautiful land of Israel where I’m blessed to have most of my family here with us. I’m a mother and wife first, freelance photographer, a diy fanatic, a cook, a referee, hair stylist, booboo fixer, housekeeper and the list goes on. That said, I recently started writing down my thoughts and found it pretty therapeutic. This year has been a challenging one for me, feeling very alone at times after the birth of my twins and a nasty case of PPD(I’ll get to that later). I’m sure you Mamas can relate, so I’m here to hopefully have a laugh with y’all, or a cry, or a large glass of wine .

Here’s to looking forward,and thanks for joining me.


​My crew from left to right: Aliyah 8 months old, Camille 7, Isabella 12, Mia 8, Pearl 10, and in the front there is Mateo 8 months old.

The only six pack I have.


6 thoughts on “Trying to say hello to y’all but the twins have a different idea..

  1. I’m in awe of you ❤ Such a proud prima moment lol. Sometimes we fall into robot mode just trying to take care of the 1million plus things, kids, work, house, meals, more kids lol its even gard to squeeze in a 3 min shower so I can totally relate to your post.
    It’s so awesome to see you exploring new outlets to take care of yourself and your family. I love you! I’m excited to see your next one mama. Xoxo’s to you and the gang 😘

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